Coca-Cola is getting ready to release a premium milk beverage called Fairlife.

Coke to launch double-priced milk beverage with extra proteins and calcium While the rest of the world is beginning to understand that milk isn’t as great for our health since it was once regarded as , Coca-Cola is getting ready to release a premium milk beverage called Fairlife. The company says their milk-based beverage, which will cost the cost of pints sold at the grocery store twice, will be high in protein and calcium, and low in sugar. They also claim that the drink shall be made from milk created at 92 sustainable, family-owned farms, according to a written report by The Independent. Unlike commercial milk that’s produced in factory farms where cows are treated inhumanely and locked up inside 365 days a year, Coca-Cola statements that their fresh Fairlife brand will be pursuing the highest specifications of milk quality, agricultural sustainability and pet comfort.Professor Isbister says study in the U.S. Involving 6,000 individuals undergoing heart medical procedures, has raised serious problems with respect to the shelf lifestyle of bloodstream and its own effects on patients – the study revealed that those that had transfusions using bloodstream that was even more that 2 weeks old had more problems than those that received fresh bloodstream. Professor Isbister believes a patient’s own bloodstream is a very important and unique natural source that needs to be conserved and maintained properly and donated allogeneic bloodstream should only be utilized whenever there are no additional alternatives.