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When the task starts, the table moves through the CAT machine. Teenagers may become asked to hold their breath for a few seconds at a time to avoid blurring of the image. What to Expect Your son or daughter won’t feel anything as the CAT scan is taken, but may hear whirring and buzzing as the device works. The available room may feel cool because of air conditioning used to keep the equipment. Some children may feel uncomfortable lying for extended periods still. Following the scan is complete, your son or daughter will be asked to hold back a few minutes therefore the technician can examine the quality of the images.Strep is a bacterial disease that frequently requires an antibiotic. Testing for both can be achieved rather quickly in a healthcare service provider's workplace. Since there are no antiviral medications for mono it really is treated by controlling the symptoms. Patients should wait before fever offers resolved and exhaustion has improved before time for school or work. Since there may be the threat of a rupture of the spleen, most sports athletes should avoid sports for 3-4 weeks, Babino said. The best way to avoid spreading and getting mono is to avoid sharing beverages and eating utensils and, unfortunately, kissing. Actually if your college student isn't showing signals of mono or various other infection, wintertime break is a superb time to get her or him in to start to see the doctor for a check-up, Babino said.

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