Com today launched Steps & Stages.

Furthermore, nearly half of caregivers state that, once the individual was diagnosed, they were still uncertain what stage of Alzheimer’s disease their loved one was in.’s Steps & Stages assists family members caregivers navigate the overwhelming Alzheimer’s trip, from identifying what stage someone is directly into understanding what symptoms to anticipate and how exactly to cope with them, week by week. It offers Stage Groups also, where communities of caregivers whose loved ones are at an identical stage can connect on the web and study from one another. Looking after someone with dementia could be such a difficult and lonely knowledge, said Andy Cohen, cofounder and CEO of, the interventions become worthless ultimately, since there isn’t enough strength or period for an individual to overcome their unwanted effects. Radiation and medical procedures provide even more burden than benefit, destroying prostate cancer patients’ quality of life within their final yearsIn fact, new national guidelines right now advise that men with lifestyle expectancies of less than a decade should stay away from radiation and surgery, so as not to destroy their quality of life.